How Renter's Finally Get Their Money's Worth


Jan 6

In my last post, Top 5 Challenges For Today’s Tenants, I talked about how renters are getting a bad deal. It’s time to change that.

I believe long-term renters are valuable consumers who should be rewarded for their loyalty and encouraged to continue renting. To accomplish that goal, we founded Leasera and are already shaking up the archaic, manually-intensive, and very one sided rental industry.

Exploring Alternatives to Empower the Customer

Leasera’s goal is simple: put as much simplicity and value into pocket of tenants as possible. In turn properties build a stronger, more unified consumer base. Though the rental model hasn’t changed since renting was a thing - technology, efficiencies and consumer empowerment beckon a new era. Renting doesn’t have to be a closed proposition within a long-term renter’s life-cycle anymore. As a result, we’ve designed an easy-to-use single network that offers you any type of stay, anywhere, for any term, using just one lease.

How Tenants can Gain Power and Reap Benefits:

  • Use one app. You can now search for the largest variety of accommodations, submit multiple applications, create your background and rental history, sign agreements, pay rent and communicate with your landlord all via a single platform through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Easily search for exactly what you want. Find the best place for your budget with custom searches. Filter results down to include exactly what you’re looking for within the price range you indicate.

  • Earn while you rent. For the first time ever, when you pay for rent or travel on or before due dates, you benefit. It’s time to start earning points, discounts, benefits and short-term stay opportunities as a reward.

  • Avoid multiple application fees and credit checks. Why should you have to keep submitting separate documents and subject yourself to numerous credit checks every time you apply for a place to live? Apply once, then use the same documentation and clearance every time you apply or relocate. We build your credentials as you go.

  • Request repairs and maintenance service online. You no longer have to track down someone or leave multiple messages to get needed work done. Simply describe or take photos/videos of the problem within the app and it becomes a trackable work order.

  • Receive Automatic Alerts. You can stay on top of the status of properties you like, progress of applications you’ve submitted by getting notified when there’s progress or changes as well as learn about the best deals from partner properties or points team.

  • Use Mobile Documents. Our unified platform supplies you with everything you need to find, apply for and rent your dream place or book your next dream destination — all from your desktop or mobile device. No waiting or wondering required.

  • Take control of your profile. You can manage your bio, your score, your friends and your needs to control exactly what property managers and residents can see. You also benefit from being the great consumer you already are so that future properties automatically know that they’re going to benefit from a tenant.

  • Rate your experiences. Finally, renters can have a voice. Gain the ability to rate your rental property and even vote on improvements you’d like to see along the way. This helps properties understand how to quickly maximize consumer satisfaction on top of an already unbeatable experience offered through the Leasera lease.

See how valuable you are? It’s time someone recognized that and helps you build value towards vacations & other amazing benefits all with a single lease, through a single app. We’re in this together, we’re renters, we’re consumers who demand better and we’re excited about the future.

For further information on these related topics you can also read another previous post Renting.. a new model, a new market as well as my experience from a recent trip to New York — CREtech NY Venture Conference, Highlights, Sparks Interest in Leasera.

Please like and comment if you have any questions. We look forward to serving the future of renting and travel.

How to begin a conversation:

LEASERA is the only accommodations leasing platform serving the renter demographic with benefits and options across a variety of property client partnerships. Supported by management companies, hotels, travel rentals private equity firms and real estate investment trusts as well as the community and consumers we care for. LEASERA is supported by our intelligent leasing as a service platform connecting a self-sustaining ecosystem of supportive tools and service providers. A single, connected leasing network offering clients value and loyalty and consumers with flexibility, accommodation and duration optionality and benefits for all renters.

Ready to help us disrupt the old way of renting and be an empowered tenant or property partner?