Top 5 Challenges For Today's Renter

Top 5 Challenges for Today’s Tenants

Renters have been getting a raw deal for a really long time now. These consumers typically pay the most amount of money but receive the least amount of value. But things are rapidly changing thanks to some huge leaps in the Property Technology space.

If you’re a tenant/renter, this blog series is for you. It’s time to shed a light on the current state of renting property and how things are getting better for you, starting now.

Here are the top 5 challenges for most people renting today:

  1. Limited options. The status quo is choosing one place, guessing how long you’ll need to rent in that one location, and hoping you choose the right lease-duration.

  2. Restrictive leases. If you hate someplace you might be challenged with a real lack of flexibility. Often, you can’t move without breaking a lease and potentially incurring damage to your credit.

  3. Expensive security deposits. Billions of dollars in security deposits, required with each individual rental unit, are tied up and unavailable to renters, reducing their opportunities to save and invest.

  4. Renter’s insurance. Even though properties already have property insurance in place, renters are often required to cover this expense as well.

  5. Low value proposition. You pay your rent and get a roof over your head. If you pay on time, you might just earn an invitation to stay longer, but usually the rent increases with that offer. Rewards for timely payments and loyalty are largely nonexistent.

It’s time renters became empowered. Like any loyal customers, you should be able to build value as you spend money on rent, earning points, rewards, vacations & other amazing benefits all with a single lease, through a single app.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how the team at Leasera is disrupting the long-term rental process with technology and smart solutions that will give you more power, choices and flexibility than you ever imagined were possible.

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