“We missed it for so long.”

It’s fascinating to see the uptick in engagement and signs of increased retention from day one. Now that our renters are gaining points daily, they have another reason to stay with us. It also has opened up dialogue with our renters that has lead to incredible insights in how we can improve over time.

— D.M.

“This is amazing!”

It makes so much sense that you’d be able to build points and improve your buying power for the thousands of dollars we spend as renters. Why wouldn’t you?

Now we can use this awesome power towards other great opportunities.

— M.T.

“Everything we wanted and more.”

When we began paying our rent and automatically seeing the points increase overtime, we realized just how important this was to us. We’ve started to buy our deposit back and pay for our renter’s insurance. Such an awesome tool. 

— L.G.

“We were scared.”

When we spoke with Leasera about their services, we thought it was going to be like everyone else.. more fees and lower margins. We were so surprised to realize they have found an incredible way to increase our NOI and decrease our headaches. Thank you, thank you. 

— B.L.


“Stellar, professional service.”

When I found my new place, I figured it would be like all of the other rentals I’ve had in the past. I lucked out by choosing an apartment that uses Leasera. Could not be happier with the way they build up my opportunities and the great partners and services they give me access to right from where I pay my rent. 

— L.I.

“This is a victory!”

Why would you not want to strengthen both the property as well as the renters within them at the same time. The way they [Leasera] empower a circular-economy solution like that is what everyone should aspire to. If you’re a property manager and not using Leasera, you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle. 

— S.L.

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