Renting just became powerful & fun.

Whether property manager or long term renter... this is the new era of leasing.


Property Managers now have a system that offers hyper efficiency and automation while serving the incredible renters in a fantastic new way.

Renters now have a system that supports their lifestyle, empowering them and delivering state of the art access to all of the opportunities and services they love.

Property Managers

  • Increase renter retention

  • Make data work for you

  • Unlock missed income opportunities

  • Empower your renters with unified access

Property managers now experience what it means to operate with intuitive and intelligent tools from marketing, leasing, CRM, maintenance as well as reporting and accounting. Now properties are stronger because tools and data is used in a unique way.

This is a new process and business model for the new era of leasing. Reduce the burden of turnover and margin killing vendors. That is the past. We care about the users of our platform and built this in order to speed up the operations of our clients.


  • Start a new life on leasing

  • Be rewarded for being a renter

  • Access great services & discounts

  • Gain benefits like nowhere else

Start living your best life. As a renter with Leasera, you’re not just a lease holder bound by terms. Renters gain access to their home and a tool that serves them in their daily life. Build and earn incredible rewards that increase access to vacation rentals, hotels, dog walking, savings and more.

Renters are appreciated here and because we appreciate our renters, we work tirelessly to offer to the most fun and beneficial life we can. We all rent and we all “get it”. Let’s talk.


  • Open a door to great consumers

  • Save on lead generation & marketing

  • Create rewards & opportunities

  • Win with service to consumers & clients

Today’s rental economy is changing. Property offerings are as dynamic as the renters themselves. As consumers seek more options and flexibility, we’re excited to offer a unified access point for these needs.

Renters are a fantastic group of consumers that will spend trillions on travel, at-home delivery and other services that make their lives better and easier. Leasera is always in search of like minded service groups and professionals that help us live out that vision and mission.

Finally, after all these years as a renter, there’s a service that helps me improve my life and how I live it!”


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